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Appreciate Your Spouse!


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You go for work early in the morning. Stay out for most of the day. Return home tired and wrung out, and lash out all your frustration and exhaustion on your wife. Now obviously you're tired so you sleep.


You work 24/7.


So you think you do all the work and she does nothing. Whereas the reality is:


She too gets up early in the morning (even before you do), prepares your breakfast, prepares the kids for school, keeps up with their tantrums, cleans the house, cooks, make sure the kids have done their homework, makes herself presentable before you arrive home...


Sure there is a lot of pressure of work on you. But the list of jobs of your wife too is quite endless. So don't throw around words like "yeah you're just a housewife...what do you do all day long..."

Appreciate each others's role and efforts and give each other time and make your spouse your first priority!

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