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Virtues & Ettiquesttes Of Durood Sharif

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In one Hadith it is mentioned that the person who recites Durud once, Allaah opens a door of safety and security for him.  Another Hadith states that the person who recites Durud once, Allaah will send ten mercies upon him, forgive ten sins of his and raise his stages by ten.



Allamah Shams ud Deen Sakhaawi rahmatullah alaih , has first briefly mentioned the special virtues and the benefits in this world and the Aakhirah in Al Qawl al Badee.


He then proved them from the Ahadith in detail. Similarly, Muhaddith Bhopali rahmatullah alaih has mentioned the special blessings of Durud in Nuzul ul Abraar as well as the narrator from whom it has been proven.



Herewith we briefly mention the special virtues and blessings of Durud, from which we can gauge what great and lofty blessings and benefits Durud holds.



By means of this, every believer will be encouraged to recite Durud in abundance


  1. A person synchronizes with Allaah in that Allaah also sends Durud.
  2. A person synchronizes with the angels in that they also send Durud.
  3. A single Durud of a believer draws ten mercies of Allaah.
  4. It is a means of attaining the mercy and Du'aa of the angels.
  5. It is a means of attaining the Du'aa and mercy of Rasulullaah e.
  6. A single Durud causes ten mercies to descend, ten sins are forgiven and a person's stages are raised by ten.
  7. Recital of a hundred Durud is a means of freedom from Jahannam and hypocrisy.
  8. A hundred Durud causes a hundred needs to be fulfilled.
  9. A hundred Durud is a means of getting to live with the martyrs.
  10. A hundred Durud draws a thousand Durud of the angels.
  11. A person gets the reward of a 'Qeeraat' for reciting Durud once.
  12. Forgiveness is sought on behalf of the person who recites Durud.
  13. It causes the forgiveness of sins.
  14. It purifies deeds.
  15. It carries more reward than freeing a slave.
  16. A person's deeds will be weighed in a large scale.
  17. A person will enter Jannah together with Rasulullaah e.
  18. A single Durud draws seventy mercies from the angels.
  19. It causes one to get the intercession of Rasulullaah e.
  20. It causes one to get the testimony of Rasulullaah e (in ones favour).
  21. It is a means of salvation from fear of Qiyaamah.
  22. It causes one's scale to be filled with good deeds.
  23. It is a means of getting the shade of the 'arsh.
  24. It is a means of getting many spouses in Jannah.
  25. It is a means of being the closest to Rasulullaah e on the Day of Qiyaamah.
  26. It brings the happiness and pleasure of Allaah I.
  27. It is a means of being quenched from the pond of kauthar-pond.
  28. It brings the help and assistance of the angels.
  29. It is a means of protection from severe thirst on the plains of resurrection.
  30. It causes a person to be firm on the bridge of siraat.
  31. A person attains the reward equal to fighting in a Ghazwah.
  32. A person attains the reward of charity if he does not have wealth to give in charity.
  33. It is the most beloved of deeds.
  34. It is the beauty of gatherings.
  35. It causes poverty and straitened conditions to be removed.
  36. The blessings of Durud carry on in ones progeny.
  37. It is a means of shaking the hand of Rasulullaah e on the Day of Qiyaamah.
  38. It causes the rust of the heart to be removed.
  39. It causes one to remember something that he forgot.
  40. It is a means of protection from mistakes in the path to Jannah.
  41. It is a means of strengthening and enlivening the heart.
  42. It brings blessings in the affairs of the recite.
  43. It causes love for Rasulullaah e to increase.
  44. A person will become beloved and honoured in the sight of others.
  45. It will cause one to see Rasulullaah e in a dream.
  46. It causes one to attain such light through which a person will over power his enemies.
  47. It causes sorrow and grief, calamities and difficulties to be removed.
  48. It is a means of being saved from drowning.
  49. Blessings will come in a person's wealth.
  50. A person will get glad tidings of Jannah or he will see his abode in Jannah in this world.
  51. It causes one to be saved from the backbiting of others.
  52. It causes one to be safe from accusation.
  53. It causes all types of blessings in this world and in the Aakhirah.
  54. It causes Du'aa to be accepted, that Durud is accepted, and due to this, the Du'aa is also accepted.
    [Adapted from Al Qawl al Badee p.98, Jilaa ul Afhaam p.246]


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