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An Ungrateful Man


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Wahab Ibn Munabbih رحمه الله narrates:

"Once the Angel of Death عليه السلام was ascending towards the Heavens with the soul of a king who tyranny was second to none. On his way, he met some angels who asked,

'From all the souls of men that you have taken, whose did you feel the most compassion for?'

The Angel fo Death عليه السلام replied, 'I was once instructed to take the soul of a woman who had just given birth to a young baby boy. She was alone in a jungle and I wondered what would happen to the baby who would be left alone without any living being in sight. After taking her soul, I was touched by such compassion which I had never experienced before.'

The angels عليهم الصلاة والسلام exclaimed, 'That same baby grew up to become the tyrant king, whose soul you are now taking up.'

The Angel of Death عليه السلام was astounded and exclaimed, 'O Allaah! You are pure, most kind and You do as You please.'" [ihyaa 'Uloomuddeen, vol 15, p2871; Jawaahir Paare, vol 1, p206]

How many a person grows up in the shadow of Allaah's Mercy, only to flagrantly disobey Him without displaying any remorse! How many a person lives off the kindness of others, only to ignore them when he no longer requires their assistance! Truly, man becomes ungrateful when wealth intoxicates his sense of dignity and reason. [Pearls from the Path]

(Posted by Seifiddeen-M on muftisays.com)

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