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Open Letter To The Community Of Masjid Umar (Leicester)

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The Leicester Mercury publishes a lovely open letter from a local resident to the community of Masjid Umar in Evington Road, Leicester.
The letter reads:

“I want to thank your community for the most amazing selfless act that happened on Friday night – it has truly moved me and has changed my attitude and I am feeling very humble today. Let me explain why.

“Along with most of Leicester, I was crawling home at a snail's pace and was facing the long hill of Evington Road. What I saw in front of me was truly wonderful.

“There were many Muslim men, wrapped up and facing icy winds and freezing temperatures, stopping the traffic to guide cars out of side roads, to make sure the traffic flowed and pushing the more modern computerised cars up the hill.

“They were putting themselves in front of heavy vehicles that could have slid and crushed them – still they carried on.

“I knew my old car would make it – no computer to tell it not to.

“I chugged up the hill, but also saw your men pushing the less able and the whole event really opened both my eyes and my heart.

“It didn't matter who was in these cars – black, white, any creed and any colour, all were assisted, without any prejudice.

“At 52, I have grown up with prejudice in my heart.

“My cousin was blown up in a market in Afghanistan, serving his Queen and country, so my prejudice was strengthened even further.

“A bit of snow and community spirit has changed my outlook on many things. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Annie Ward-Pearson, Leicester.

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