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Marraige Proposals & Women :-(

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Asslamo Allaikum,


I am trying to get a good brother (friend) married and I messed up on so many levels its unbelievable:

  1. I got the height of the Sister completely wrong and thats because I have never really looked at her
  2. I told her about it (he is practsing, nice guy etc) before I told him so its like I set expectations and he is travelling so he can't respond and she will think that he is avoiding the topic

What is a good way to do this without recking people emotionally? I am an idiot (I know) but all I was trying to do is to get 2 people who are practising married.


All is still not lost but whats the proper procedure? without messing people up!


I didn't mean to do it and they (both) havn't said anything but I do feel that I have messed up, big time!


:-) I think I better stick to refutations :-)

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