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Christmas & Accepting Gifts In Maliki Madhab


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Asslamo Allaikum,


A claim is made by the famous American Scholar Suhaib Webb on his site as follows:


According to the Maliki school it is disliked to offer congratulations to other faiths during their religious holidays. Thus, it is a permissible act. See Sharh al-Saghir of Sidi Ahmed al-Dardir and Fiqh al-Malikiyyah wa Adilatuhu by Habib Tahir.


Shaykh Abdul-Shakoor Brooks (HA) Al-Maliki asnwers:


Assalamu alaikum in sha Allah all is well.


Someone pointed me to this discussion here.


I am Abdus Shakur Brooks.


Concerning the point that Sh.Danial mentioned regarding the passage of not accepting a gift from a non-Muslims (outside of their holidays of course) is likely true. Perhaps the statement of Malik is in regards to accepting it based on there being affection or giving for the sake of having something over a Muslim which in that case the matter would stand.


I didn't post the article for that last section but rather the first part in which Ibn Al-Hjj discussed the actual issue of celebrating non-Muslim holidays explicitly including gift exchange. The rest of the article was part of the section which I had already translated some time ago randomly. Due to the short notice, I had to put something together quickly due to the confusion and deception that came about, and so commenting on that part went over my head, which I could have left out.


One would never think that such a thing like celebrating Christmas would have to be debated amongst the learned but these are the timesI will have to get around to clarifying that point, it might have been one of the reasons many missed the point because they focused on that.


Allah knows best.


Due to the nature of these times, in the near future I will accompany all posts with a short streaming audio with some commentary helping people to understand the principles applied by the classical scholars whose opinions count. It is double the work, but with all the misapplication of usul going on it seems people need as much understanding as they do documentation since it is hard for people to really comprehend the true nature of the shari'ah while being born and raised in an environment the likes of this world today, even more so for those in the west save a few. These are the times.....


The full refutation of this Modernist position can be read here:


Jazakullah Khairun

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