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No eye contact, no gazing.


No conversations, no smiles.


No exchanging numbers, no texting.


No chatting, no messaging.


No random meet ups, no lunch dates.


No movies, no group dinners.


No lies to parents about whereabouts, no accidental run ins.


No dating, no physical contact, no touching.


My heart isn’t cheap. Its either a Nikah or its Nothing!


From FususAlHikam's blog (sunniforum)

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Islamic New Year Resolution - Nikah or Nothing!


My heart is too precious, too valuable, only the King of All Kings can be in my heart. Its nikah or nothing. This is my new year resolution, it will always be my resolution, my motto, my song, will always be nikah or nothing.




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Young man:

If she can lie to her own dad, sneak out and meet you according to plan, then why cant she lie to you, sneak out and meet another man?


Young lady:

He kept you hidden from his own mom and dad right? So how hard is it to keep another girlfriend hidden from your sight?


Nikah or Nothing!!

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Let me tell you a sad story, sit down, the story of how my heart broke and I broke down.


It was an innocent day in an innocent time when I made eye contact with this pretty little dime, this girl, she was so hot, that she stole my heart right then and there, right on the spot.


I swear her eye liner was worse than black magic, what happened to me after was just very tragic.


I became a statistic, another caught in the trap and now all I got out of it was this ridiculous rap.


But if these few bars can help someone else from stop seeing the stars, the fake illusions of premarital love, save them from having love scars,


then its all worth to put it down on this pad, even if it makes me very sad.


Her eye liner was worse than black magic, with her red lipstick she wrote all over my heart, but that's nothing compared to what her perfume did to me, and this was just the beginning, only the start.


Her red outfit was the cherry on top, she was in high heels I can still hear their "tick tock".


I was thrilled over the moon that I got hit with the arrow of cupid, had I only known I was being so stupid.


So you know I had to ask her number and take it down and I had to call her right away and ask her to go out on the town.


And I definitely had to befriend her on Facebook, how could I deny her when her smile got me so shook?


So I told my parents all kinds of ****, that I was going here and there, that I was doing this and that.


But in reality I was sneaking out to meet with her, times I now regret and want to forget, times I want to make a blur,


So we snuck off to coffee shops and ice cream parlors as on this forbidden love I was spending mad dollars.


I dropped 20's and 50's like I was selling crack, I was addicted to that illicit love, what was I thinking where was my mind at?


I sent her countless text messages, "Baby I love you", "Hun I love you too" - I wasnt in love, I just simply had the love flu.


Going here and there, we were hanging out in seclusion, I had forgotten that death was going to be my conclusion.


So here I was kissing up on this girl, she was smelling like a basket of cinnamon cookies with a chocolate swirl.


It never occured to me that me and her were never ever alone, and that idea now has my mind blown,


that Allah was watching us every time, Allah heard every phone conversation, Allah read every text message line.


Allah saw us as we stood in that movie line, Allah was there in the coffee shop every single time,


Allah was there at Ihop or wherever we went, Allah knew exactly every penny I spent.


So what came to be of this illicit relationship let me tell you friend, my heart broken, her heart broken, from ever meeting each other we both had to repent.


From "Sweety I love you" and "Baby I love you too" it went quickly to "Curse my destiny that I ran into you!"


It went from, "This is perfect" to "This just randomly happened" because we both were deeply saddened.


It went from "You are perfect for me, like hand in glove we gel" to "You are a monster, why dont you die and go to hell!"


She was hurt and devastated by the events that went down, her reputation was trashed and ruined all over town.


I was hurt heart broken and felt so guilty and cheap inside, I had to move out of town change the place where I reside.


If only I took the way of Nikah or Nothing, if only I made this my slogan, none of this would have happened, our piety would have remained, our hearts wouldnt be broken.


But we displeased Allah the Creator of Love, so naturally how can any relationship be happy without permission from above?


I realized my first mistake was to put my gaze on her, thats what got all this started, thats what got my hormones to stirr.


Now when I am at school I keep my gaze down, forbidden pleasures are too much hassle its much easier to keep my eyes locked on the ground.


In Nikah or Nothing I am now a firm believer, I wont ever get into an illicit relationship, I wont ever take on that haraam fever.


Nikah or Nothing!!!

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An Innocent Girl, An Innocent Dove


An innocent girl, like an innocent dove I was, I had never felt even a simple nicotine buzz.


A high school girl, friends and homework were my past time, I never thought I would have the substance to write out this rhyme.


I had met who I thought was a nice guy and this all started on that day, little I knew that it was my innocence he wanted to slay.


He just kept looking at me from afar with a smirk on his face, he kept smiling, this is a past I want to erase.


He came over and innocently said "Hi", I was stupid to respond, now how I wish I had just said "Get lost, BYE!"


He told me he had never seen another girl as beautiful as me before, he told me he really liked me, I was stupid to believe it but he was just keeping score.


"When I get upset, my dear, I just think about you, in my worst times girl its your thoughts that get me through."


He told me such things that made me want to melt, if only you could feel now how on that day I had felt.


He then touched my hand and said it was an accident, he kept on smiling and giving me compliment after compliment.


He was buying and by this time I was totally sold, he asked my number and I gave it, how could I have been so bold?


By that evening he had already sent me a text, "Was thinking of you...good night, I need to rest."


The next day the text was followed by a phone call, "Hey girl, do you want to come see me play basketball?"


I denied his request, but it was just a test, he only wanted to see how easy I was, what happened next though was a mess.


What happened next was just a mess because we went crazy with the texts.


Day and night, night and day, it was like a cat and mouse game we would play.


Shamefully I got so free with him, I told him my body shape because he would joke I was so slim.


Naturally we ended up taking the next step by going to watch a movie with Johnny Depp.


He bought me popcorn and some tangy candy, gave me a card with some lyrics written on it from a song by Brandy.


I thought it was so sweet and romantic, the feelings of marriage, but in reality it was just meaningless antics.


And what I truly wanted, I wanted to feel like a wife, I wanted to feel we emotionally bonded.


Now he put his arm around me and it was fine, it was okay now because with each other we had spent so much time.


Now we were a proper couple, but this only started more trouble.


We wanted to go somewhere private, his exact words were, "To change the climate."


We planned to get hotel room, I was nervous and hesitant, but he was over the moon.


I lied to my rents about my date, I told them my friend was getting married and for a few hours we were going to celebrate.


I became such an expert at telling my parents lies, I know I will regret this when I will have to tell them my last goodbyes.


We went to the hotel, he picked me up, all seemed fine all was well.


As soon as we got in he hugged me up so fast, he was in a rush, I wanted this moment to last.


He quickly removed his clothes and wanted me to remove mine, I dont even want to say what happened in the next line.


I ran to the bathroom, embarrassed, ashamed, what happened to me? How did I go so far off, I just wanted him gone and to let me be.


There was something in my heart that told me not to go on, not to give in anymore, that this was all wrong.


I remembered reading a sign, Nikah or Nothing, it was just one line.


Now locked in this hotel bathroom that one line made sense, none of these feelings were true, it was all pretense.


He was waiting out there for me, like a butcher waiting for the innocent lamb, I wasnt going to be slaughtered, I wasnt going to give in to this terrible man.


I got my clothes and let him know, "Listen, this is enough, I have to go."


He begged and pleaded and called me a sweet name, I almost gave in, but I knew without nikah it would all be the same.


Just fake feelings and distrust, agony, always the doubt he is cheating that I am only the mistress.


I couldnt go on, not anymore, knowing that Allah didnt create me for this, He created me for more, I am a Muslim woman, chaste and pure.


I had more value to me than what this man used me for, I had more respect than what I was giving myself, and even more.


A man should approach my father for my hand, all my life I only knew that to be my marriage plan.


A man shouldnt get me to sneak out and talk and do this and that, I shouldnt have to answer him the shameful question about if I am skinny or fat.


A man should take me as his responsibility first, he shouldnt be giving me these Bollywood lines rehearsed.


I learned my lesson from that day, I thanked Allah that I was saved.


After that experience I never gave another guy a chance, I no longer believed in premarital romance.


I kept it straight after that, Nikah or Nothing, thats where I am at.


I now only believe in Nikah, no eye contact, no smiles, no convos or texts, nothing.


Now I am happy I am marrying a pious man, the invitation cards have been sent, I made tawbah from that previous life, from that forbidden relationship I repent.


Its Nikah or Nothing, on nikah put your bet, dont do anything premarital, dont do anything you will later in life regret.


Allah is watching you always, against His laws dont be a contender, you will die and then answer to Him so just give up now and to His commands yourself surrender.



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