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Times to do Wudu


  • Before all prayers.

  • Before making a sajdah tilaawat.


  • Before doing taawaf.

  • Before touching and handling the Qur'an.


  • Before going to bed.

  • Before taking a bath.


  • Before saying adhan.

  • Before saying khutbah.

  • Before saying religious instructions.

  • Before doing dhikr.

  • After rising from sleep.

Parts of Wudu


  • To wash the whole face once from forehead to chin, ear to ear.

  • To wash both hands to elbow.

  • To wipe ¼ of the head.

  • To wash the feet up to the ankles once.


  • To have the intention.

  • To start wudu with Bismillah.

  • To wash hands up to wrist before washing the face.

  • To rinse mouth three times with water.

  • To brush the teeth.

  • To sniff water three times.

  • To clean the space between fingers and toes.

  • To wipe the whole head.

  • To wipe both ears.

  • To wash right limb first, then left.

  • To wash each limb three times.

  • To follow the sequence.

Things to avoid

  • To talk.

  • To use too much or too little water.

  • To splash water.

  • To wash the limbs more than thrice or head more than once.

Breakers of Wudu



  • Passing urine or stool.

  • Passing wind.

  • Bleeding from any parts of the body.

  • Vomiting a mouthful.

  • If spit contains overwhelming element of blood.




  • Sleeping with one's back or belly flat on the bed or reclined against a support.

  • Fainting.

  • Breaking into big laughter during prayer.

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