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Please Maintain Modesty On The Forum

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Assalaamu 'alaykum!

The following changes have been made to the Furum. Please read all the rules.

1. Please maintain modesty when addressing the opposite gender on the Forum. No light banter, no exchange of
email addresses or personal information. Make posts to the point and platonic. Any comments contrary to modesty
will be deleted

2. Please follow the general Islamic guidelines of Aadaab (Proper conduct relating to each other)

3. Private Messaging between members has been disabled to avoid any form of fitnah

4. Emoticons have been disabled.

5. No pictures of animated objects are allowed on the forum and this includes avatars. If your avatar displays a
picture please ensure it is changed.

Being an Islamic Forum we adhere to the laws of Allah subhaanhanu wata'ala. We aim to keep the forum free of any form of intermingling between genders. Please maintain the laws of Allah subhaanhau wata'ala.


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