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Humility Of The Great


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Shaykh Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi


The great Shaykh was once giving a dars in the yard of the masjid when there was a sudden downpour. The students, worried more about their books, ran in protecting them from the rain. Once inside they realised their shoes would be soaked and turned back only to find that their ustaad (teacher), the great Shaykh Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi, had already collected his students’ shoes in his sheet and was carrying them in!



‘Umar bin ‘Abdul ‘Azeez


Late at night while in the company of a guest the flame of the lantern (chiraag) went out. The leader of the Believers refused to wake up his servant who he said would be tired and his sleep disturbed if woken up, and he also refused his guest’s offer of help. He himself went to fill the lantern with oil. After the job was done he said to his guest that before the errand he was son of ‘Abdul ‘Azeez and he still remained the son of ‘Abdul ‘Azeez after it.

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