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Belief In The Israa & Mi’Raaj


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The Prophet s was taken by Jibra-eel u to Baitul Maqdis where he met all the previous Ambiya u and led them in Salaah. From there he was raised to the first heaven where he met Adam u and thereafter on to the second heaven where he met Yahya u and ‘Isa u. On the third heaven he met Yusuf u, on the fourth, Idris u, on the fifth Haaroon u, on the sixth he met Musa u and on the seventh heaven he met Ibraaheem u. After this he was made to go forth (on his own) beyond the Sidratul Muntaha beyond which no one has gone before. His meeting with Allah S took place and Salaat was enjoined upon him on this occasion. Many things were shown to him the details of which will be covered during lesson. For one to be a Muslim, belief in the Israa and Mi’raaj is essential.

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