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Attaining Khushu In Your Nemaaz


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I saw this post and i thought i should share it. it is a simple way which we could all follow in order to help us attain Khushu in our nemaaz.

This is one of the best way you can follow to attain "Khushu' "

A righteous man (Hatim Al Asam) was asked:"how can you attain khushu' (concentration) in 'Nemaaz'. "every time I stand to perform Nemaaz...

I imagine that : Kabah is in front of me, Al Sirat is under my feet , Jannah (Paradise) to my right and Jahannam (Hell) to my left, that the messenger of Allah (SAWS) is watching me praying, and that this is my final Nemaaz, and Angel of Death is behind me waiting me to finish my Nemaaz so that he take my soul, Then I would stand between hope and fear. Carefully pronounce "Allahu Akbar!" Then recite the Qur'an harmoniously, bow in humility and prostrate myself submissively. Then with a big hope in Allah's Mercy, I start wondering : did Allah accept my nemaaz or not ?

Always perform prayer as if it is your last one, because you would never know when Allah will call you home ...

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