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  1. By Fadia Bint Ismail We have all heard this saying love more expect less. Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) said; " Beware of having long term expectations (for this world) for verily it makes one forget (his true purpose)" In order to be truly happy and to find happiness and peace in this world we as Muslims should aim to love more what Allah loves for us and dislike what Allah dislikes for us this could solve many problems we encounter and it will allow us to be contented when our expectations are not met. Having expectations is not a bad thing but sometimes and i
  2. By Fadia Bint Ismail Standing on the edge of the cliff. My arms spread out wide. My eyes locked on the sight below me. Waves gushing against the rocks. The breeze brushing against my face. I am ready. Ready to jump. I close my eyes imagining how i would drop to my destruction. How i had come to this point. The point where i feel like falling and never waking up. A rush of thoughts entered my mind. What have i done to myself? What have i done to my soul? I have disobeyed Allah. I have broken my promises and brought destruction to myself. At this point the tears are rolling down my
  3. Tears fill my eyes as i sit and think of the little time i have left with you. The time has gone by so quickly. It feels like just the other day that we welcomed you into our homes, into our lives. You brought with you the Qura, the Taraweeh, the Siyaam. You brought peace and tranquility. When you came our bodies were starved but our souls were filled. You brought with you a night which is better than a thousand months. You brought with you a Gift which is so great that only on the Day of Judgement will we truly know its value. Oh Ramadan. How i hope and pray that i have gained max
  4. I saw this post and i thought i should share it. it is a simple way which we could all follow in order to help us attain Khushu in our nemaaz. This is one of the best way you can follow to attain "Khushu' " A righteous man (Hatim Al Asam) was asked:"how can you attain khushu' (concentration) in 'Nemaaz'. "every time I stand to perform Nemaaz... I imagine that : Kabah is in front of me, Al Sirat is under my feet , Jannah (Paradise) to my right and Jahannam (Hell) to my left, that the messenger of Allah (SAWS) is watching me praying, and that this is my final Nemaaz, and Angel of Death is beh
  5. One of the highest forms of Service to Allah is to invite his creation to his oneness and that in Islam is called Dawah. The person who is intending to invite people to Islam must make preparations because if he has not prepared the banquet he is only going to turn his guests hungry, he is also going to ruin his own reputation and lose his trust. One of the important factors of Dawah is Quality of service and preparations. Like the quality of one's character which is a very important factor in inviting people to the oneness of Allah. Dawah requires calmness of character and wisdom.
  6. By Fadia Bint Ismail You probably wondering why i have the title “The Sad Reality” but so many things in this Dunya needs to be addressed. It is truly a sad reality that so many of our Muslim Sisters and Brothers are corrupting themselves with so much filth, dressing inappropriatly, drinking, nightclubs, pre-marital relationships and they are even sexually active, Yes in today’s society everyone is doing it, being pure being a virgin being one for Allah (SWT) is not what this generation aspires toward, being a Virgin is seen to be something that is taboo and if you say you are a virgin don
  7. In the time of the Prophet, Tasawwuf was a reality without a name, today Tasawwuf is a name, but few know its Reality What is Tasawwuf? Tasawwuf is Good character and awareness of God, Love and affection. It is the cure for hatred and vengeance. It the heart attaining tranquillity which is the root of religion. Concentrating your mind, which is the religion of Ahmad (peace be upon him), Contemplation that travels to the Divine throne. It is a far-seeing gaze. Tasawwuf is keeping one’s distance from imagination and supposition. Tasawwuf is found in certainty. Surrendering one’s soul to
  8. Alhumdulilah,,,im so greatful i have such a wonderful life. Shukr Allah.. :)

  9. Alhumdulilah,,,im so greatful i have such a wonderful life. Shukr Allah.. :)

  10. The issue of Tabarruj is separate from that of covering the Awrah and also separate from that of the dress that a women should wear in public. Tabarruj occurs when a women performs a dazzling display of her beauty and reveals it to strangers. Tabarruj is forbidden by a clear-cut evidence from the texts of Sharia’a. Allah (SWT) says: “Such elderly women as are past the prospect of marriage – there is no blame on them if they lay aside their outer garments, provided they make not a wanton display of their beauty.” [Al Nur 60] We understand from the verse that Tabarruj is in any case complete
  11. THE FRIENDS OF SHAITAN (THE CURSED ONE) 1. The first friend of mine is that leader who is a oppressor (Zalim). 2. My second friend is that business man who does his/ her business by deceiving his / her customers. 3. My third friend is that "Mo'min" (believer) who drinks alcohol. 4. My fourth friend is that rich person who is proud of his wealth and who angrily refuses to give money in charity to poor and needy. 5. My fifth friend is that person who does backbiting (Geebat), who talks to people in such a way that enemity increases between people and who reveals the defects of people. 6. M
  12. By Muhammad Tauseef Tariq Amongst the most mystical of commands and directions given to us by Allah, Transcendent is He, in His final revelation, is His Holy Dhikr or “remembrance”. "Remember Me and I will Remember you." (2:152) Dhikr Allah is reminding a Muslim of the reality, presence and closeness of the Lord of the Worlds to us all and in every moment. Al-Bukhari narrates that the Holy Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam) said; “the difference between one who makes dhikr and the one who does not make dhikr is like the difference between the living and the dead.” Remembering A
  13. Bismillahir*RaHmanir*RaHeem "And keep yourself (O Muhammad *saaws* patiently with those who call on their Lord (your companions who remember their Lord with glorification, praising in prayers, etc., and other righteous deeds, etc.) morning and afternoon, seeking His Face, and let not your eyes overlook them, desiring the pomp and glitter of the life of the world; and obey not him whose heart We have made heedless of Our Remembrance, one who follows his own lusts and whose affair (deeds) has been lost." Al-Quran: Surah 18: Al-Kahf ayat 28. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  14. Bismillahir*RaHmanir*RaHeem "He it is Who sent down As-Sakinah (calmness and tranquillity) into the hearts of the believers, that they may grow more in Faith along with their (present) Faith. And to Allah belong the hosts of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is Ever Al-Knower, All-Wise." Al-Quran: Surah 48: Al-Fath ayat 4. Four-Symptoms Of the Heart's Sickness & Signs of Its Health Bismillaahir-RaHmaanir-RaHeem The Signs of a Sick Heart A servant's heart may be ill, and seriously deteriorating, while he remains oblivious of its condition. It may even d
  15. Just as the heart may be described in terms of being alive or dead, it may also be regarded as belonging to one of three types; these are the healthy heart, the dead heart, and the sick heart. The Healthy Heart On the Day of Resurrection, only those who come to Allah with a healthy heart will be saved. Allah says: "The day on which neither wealth nor sons will be of any use, except for whoever brings to Allah a sound heart. (26:88-89)" In defining the healthy heart, the following has been said: "It is a heart cleansed from any passion that challenges wh
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