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One Step Closer - Knowledge


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One Step Closer - Knowledge

1- A stairway to excellence, and one of the most precious things that we can ever have, because it brings us closer to Allah and makes us feel the sweetness of paradise one earth.

2- Knowledge about Allah, His prophet, Islam, Qur’an is the knowledge Allah refers to, not the modern sciences, the beneficial knowledge is the first one, the other ones are beneficial somehow but there is no comparability between them and the knowledge of Allah that can illuminate the heart, it gives you life and light.

3- Knowledge has a very high status is Islam, it is the basis of every action we do, without it action will never be right because the one who acts without knowledge has a destructive disease that is ignorance so the mischief that he will bring about will be far greater than the goodness that he is trying to bring about.

4- Knowledge of Allah is praised by Allah because it is the foundation upon which everything is built, it comes before speech and action, it is very central in our life because knowing Allah is the purpose for which we were created.

5- Thirst for knowledge shows in those who are deprived from the knowledge of Allah, they might have other knowledge but they have heart emptiness, and they are looking for happiness, so once they know the knowledge of Allah and act upon it, Allah will open for them new fields of spiritual knowledge.

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Beneficial Knowledge




As a new academic year has just gotten underway, Muslim parents have the responsibility of ensuring that their children do not only go to school but also attend madrasah for their Islâmic education.


Seeking of knowledge is an obligation of each and every Muslim, male and female. A believer has to acquire knowledge that is useful. Allâh Subhânahû wa Ta’âlâ in His Majesty guarantees seekers of useful knowledge guidance and protection.


Knowledge is therefore sacred. Seeking it is an act of worship and the virtues of it are well-documented from the teachings of the Messenger of Allâh Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam.


The preservation of the Dîn hinges on the imparting of knowledge to succeeding generations. Its importance is central to Islâm as a way of life and its rewards accrue to all those involved in its imparting.


Mu’âdh Ibn Jabal (RA) said: “Seek knowledge! As to do so for the pleasure of Allâh is the fear of Allâh; acquiring it is an act of worship; studying it is remembrance of Allâh; going out in search of it is equivalent to Jihâd; teaching it is an act of charity and spending on its related activities is a virtuous deed.”


There are prerequisites to the acquiring of knowledge. Mu'ammar bin Râshid Rahmatullâhi ‘alaihi said, “Verily a man seeks knowledge, but knowledge is denied to him until it is for Allâh's Pleasure.” Knowledge is therefore for those who pursue it with the correct and singular intention: “For the Pleasure of Allâh.”


Good manners are another prerequisite of a student of knowledge. Knowledge that is devoid of manners is detrimental. ‘Abdullâh bin Al-Mubârak Rahmatullâhi ‘alaihi is reported to have said: “I spent thirty years learning manners, and I spent twenty years learning knowledge.”


It is lamentable however that the experience of our teachers in our madâris is an unpleasant one. Children are often disruptive and disrespectful.


Parents have to facilitate children's learning by cooperating with teachers in instilling discipline and good manners in their children.


Teachers deserve great respect from learners. Imâm Ash-Shâfi’î Rahmatullâhi ‘alaihi would show great reverence for his teachers and he said of himself, “I would turn the pages very gently in front of Imâm Mâlik Rahmatullâhi ‘alaihi, out of respect for him, so that he would not hear it.”


The Messenger of Allâh Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam, said, “He is not of us, who does not respect our elderly, (is not) merciful to our youth, and knows (not) the rights of those who teach us.” (Tirmidhî)


As the Moroccan saying goes: “Instruction in youth is like engraving in stone.” Habits tend to persist and the bad ones should be nipped in the bud before they define a child’s character.


May Allâh Almighty protect and reward our children and their teachers in the noble efforts of seeking and imparting knowledge. May He guide the Ummah to that which is good. Âmîn


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 العلم شجرة والعمل ثمرة

Knowledge is a tree and action is its fruit:
Can there be fruit without a tree? And can a tree produce fruit without adequate nourishment?
There is no substitute to learning, and our Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wasallam was instructed to ask Allah for more knowledge: وقل رب زدني علما


Unless we grow in our knowledge we cannot grow in our action. So learn something new TODAY!!!

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