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How Can I Say How I Feel- By Fadia

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My heart feels some anxiety and pain; I cannot shake this feeling of restlessness like my heart is slowly tearing apart.

My mind is not connected to my heart the thoughts I have do not relate to my heart, the thoughts I have create my insecurities, yet my heart stays pure.

I make dua to Allah that he grants me the ability to connect the two, so I can find rest in everything I do.

Where do I begin to describe the way I’m feeling like life has no meaning, when I’m at my lowest I feel like I’m caged in and I cannot get out, the tears flow from my eyes, my knees on the ground my hand pounding on my heart, wishing and praying that Allah will ease this test, but everything feels a mess.

Where do I begin to describe this restlessness, how can I say how I feel.

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