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O Allah-My Special Dua -By Fadia

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O Allah my good deeds are but a few my bad deeds pile up make me realise what is true an just.

O Allah descend your Raghmah upon me make me into the person that is truly me. I raise my hands up to make dua to praise you only to give me shafa.

O Allah do not abandon me give me guidance by thy will make me whole and fill my soul, from today i will prove to thee that love for thee is what I possess in me.

O Allah keep shaitaan away from me make me see that he is not for me, shadow me against his evil ways lead me in the right way.

O Allah I stand in prayer worshipping thee in my time of need eradicating the last sin in me to uplift my soul to the highest decree to make me see that this is truly me. I may struggle and fall and fail a test but I will pick myself up so I can conquer the quest to earn thy pleasure is my request.

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