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Bint e Aisha

Two verses sufficient for life

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Two Verses Sufficient For Life

Sa’ah b. Mu’awiya travelled a great distance to learn about Islam, and he found the Prophet (S) sitting amongst his Companions reciting Surah az-Zilzalah.

“So whoever does good equal to an atom’s weight shall see it. And whoever does evil equal to an atom’s weight shall see it.” [99:7-8]

When the recitation was completed the man stood up and appeared to be leaving to return to his people so the Companions asked him: “You came from so far away to see the Prophet (S).  Why are you leaving without asking him for anything?”

He said: “Today I have learned that Allah will judge our actions good and bad, even those as small as the weight of an atom.  This is enough advice for me to manage my whole life.”


[Read on pg 92-93, Mohsen Shaker al-Bayoumi, Slaves of the All-Merciful. Ta-Ha Publishers. London: 2005.]

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