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[Majlis Mufti Ebrahim Desai] Fulfil your promises

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One person once said that there are millions of human beings in the world but at the same time there are very few human beings. Outward and apparently it seems to be an inconsistency. How can there be millions of human beings on one side and on the other side we say that there are no human beings.


When he was asked to clarify he said, "In flesh and blood, there are many human beings, millions of them. But true human beings who live with values of the human beings are very few."


Many of us have confined the issue of Ilāh and reformation to only our outward appearance, or maybe to the acts of ʿibadāt (worships). We come to our masjid, and perform our salāt, make some tilāwah of qur’ān, make some ikr, probably give some adaqah and charity, wear a sunnah clothing and keep a beard. These are all important issues and we should not lose sight of these things.


But with that, the internal value of the human being is equally important. And that is our muʿāmalāt, our dealings with people, even in the outside world.


As Muslims, our submission to All Mighty Allah Taʿāla is in our 24 hour life cycle. So it’s not only to the masjid, it’s not only restricted to a few actions and deeds.


When we assess our life, we observe that probably in every step and move of our life, we are bound to some terms, some conditions and some agreements. Every step and move of our life.


Read the entire transcript >> Click HERE 

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