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  1. One person once said that there are millions of human beings in the world but at the same time there are very few human beings. Outward and apparently it seems to be an inconsistency. How can there be millions of human beings on one side and on the other side we say that there are no human beings. When he was asked to clarify he said, "In flesh and blood, there are many human beings, millions of them. But true human beings who live with values of the human beings are very few." Many of us have confined the issue of Iṣlāh and reformation to only our outward appearance, or maybe to the a
  2. Assalamu Alaikum, Since this is the first post, I just wish to say JazakAllah Khayran to aapa ummitaalib for introducing this forum to me. InshAllah will be on and off available here. Wassalam, Abuhajira
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