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  1. JawedIqbal

    Importance Of Hajj & Warnings For Not Permorming It

    Umrah can be done along with Hajj and in other additional days as well.‘Umrah can be completed through anytime in the year, there is no fixed time for ‘Umrah. Masha Allah , good knowledge, thanks for sharing nice info
  2. JawedIqbal

    Sinful Miskeen

    O Allah grant us jannah and forgive our sins Ameen.
  3. JawedIqbal

    Test is approaching

    We should be aware because our final test is approaching, through which it will be decided where our destiny is Hell or Heaven. We can’t surely take a guess, that we are going to be rewarded or we are going to be punished.
  4. Don't Waste Water - Water is a costly gift thanks for sharing the article
  5. JawedIqbal

    Fasting & Taqwa

    Masha Allah Good Book, Thanks for sharing this knowledge, May Allah Grant us the ability to Fasting. Ameen Jazzak Allah o Khaaira.