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  1. Listening to Quran

    It is stated that a person who read one word of this blessed book Quran is given ten rewards. Just ponder if we read only one Chapter how many rewards we can accumulate in a day from this sacred book.
  2. Valuable Islamic Quotes

    How can I find in different Arabic fonts?
  3. Non-religious education only teaches what is the world? what's going around the globe? Etc... While religious education teaches us, What is the motive of life? How should we live our lives? What will happen in the hereafter? How do we prepare for the Hereafter? and many other aspects of life.
  4. General Advice For Those Going For Haj And Umrah

    Admin edit: Assalaamu 'alaykum. Post has been edited. No advertising on the forum. Please see rules here Brother Aayankhan, please refrain from all advertising. This is a forum rule and we would appreciate your respecting forum rules. Jazaakallaah
  5. Evidence of Performing Missed Prayers

    Prayer must be performed on time.
  6. Importance of Learning

    Education is necessary.
  7. General Advice For Those Going For Haj And Umrah

    At the 1st sight of the holy Kabah, keep your eyes stationary on it and raise your hands to make prayers because the prayers made after sighting the Holy Kabah are never rejected and Gracious Almighty ALLAH rewards those pilgrims traveling to perform Hajj or Umrah their desired wishes instantly. This is a principally favorable, promising time to plead for something.
  8. Education is necessary for all humans.
  9. The Islamic Concept of Education

    Education is neccessary for all humans.
  10. Photography In Islam?

    Good topic.
  11. Salaah Q/A's

    If any of you wants to stay alert to the prayer timing..... Admin Edit: Welcome to the forum, Unfortunately your post has been edited. Advertising is not allowed on the forum. Please see rules HERE