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Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet


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Im just so excited because I got all these beautiful books in English that are by the most wonderful authors one of them being this book titled, Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet by AlJawziyah. So I have to share the treasures that are in this book. I hope this thread will be a series also. I hope everyone learns and comments. Again I pray that Allah helps me stay consistent in making these posts.


So every time I will try to give the remedies and natural medicines used to cure or help cure a certain ailment per this book.




Curing Fever


Its narrated in Bukhari and Muslim that the Prophet sallah Allahu alaihi wa sallim said:


"Verily fever - or severe fever - is a breath of the Hellfire, so cool it using water."


Fever causes the body temperature to rise, which emanates from the heart and spreads throughout the entire body via the blood vessels and the soul and disrupts the proper functioning of the body.


The body benefits from the fever more than it benefits from taking medicine because the fever heats up and matures harmful substances in the body which it could not have done without the fever. Besides, the fever causes various blockages to open especially those that medicines cannot reach.


As for simple and chronic conjunctivitis, fever helps cure most of its types quickly and helps against facial paralysis, hemiplegia spasms and many other ailments that result from the accumulation of thick substances or excesses.


Some doctors are relieved when fever breaks out in an ailing person, just as the sick person rejoices upon recovering from illnesss. This is because fever is more efficient than medication in some cases.


Based on these facts, it appears the Hadith is talking about the accidental type of fevers that are relieved by being submerged into cold water or by drinking cold water. In this case, the sick person does not need any other medicine because this type of fever is composed of heat. When a cold stubstance is introduced the heat produced by the fever will be eliminated without having to get rid of any mixtures of substances or to wait for these substances to mature.


Galinus one of the renowned doctors in ancient times admitted that cold water helps relieve this type of fever. He stated in the tenth article in his book, "Healing Methods", "If a young, healthy man, who does not suffer from an internal tumor takes a bath in the heat of the day or swims in it, he will tain a benefit." He also stated that he used to prescribe this remedy on a regular basis.


Ar-Razi also said in his book, 'Alkabir',

"If the strength is normal, but the fever is very intense and the maturity ( of the harmful subsances) is apparent, while (the patient is) suffering from any internal tumors of any type of ruptures, then drinking cold water becomes beneficial. If the ailing person is fat, the wather is hot and the person is used to taking cold showers, let him do just that."


In the Prophet's statement: 'Fever is a breath of fire of Hell (Jahannam)."


There are two possible meanings.


First, that the fever is a breath released from Hell so that the slaves become aware of it and thus learn a lesson from this fact.


Second , the Hadith equates fever and the heat of day to the intense heat of Hellfire, so that our hearts can imagine the intense torment of the Fire and the heat that emits from it.


The Prophet's statement: "Cool it off with water" might entail all types of water and this is the correct opinion.


Abu Nuaym said, Anas radhee Allahu anhu narrated the the Prophet said: "If any of you comes down with fever, let him sprinkle cold water on himself for three consecutive nights before daybreak."


Ibn Majah narrated that Abu Huraira radhee Allahu anhu related from the Prophet that he said: "Fever is a bellow of the heat of Hell, so remove it from you with cold water."


It is also narrated in the Sunan that Abu Huraira said, "Fever was mentioned in the presence of the Messenger of Allah and a man cursed it. The Messenger of Allah said: Do not curse it, for it removes the sins, just as fire removes the impurity of the iron." (Also refer to Sahih Muslim).


Fever is usually treated by consuming beneficial foods and medicines and is followed by a diet that avoids improper food. The sick person's body will be cleansed from all impurities and septic elements and substances, having a purifying effect that is similar to fire when it removes the impurity of iron.


Abu Huraira said: "No ailment that I might suffer from is dearer to me than fever, because it enters every organ of my body, and Allah gives each organ its due share of the reward."


Therefore using cold water to relieve fever during summer and in hot areas is beneficial because the water will be furthest from the rays of the sun just before daybreak (at its coolest). Moreover just before daybreak the body is at its strongest, for the ailing person will have taken his due share of sleep and relaxation. Strength of body plus the strength of medicine - water in this case - and they will both relieve the fever that is not a result of malignant tumors or septic substances or conditions. Allah the Almighty will then extinguish the heat of the fever by His will.

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