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Whispers of the Shaytaan

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Whispers of the Shaytaan




Stay in your bed, don’t make a fuss.

Your prayers can wait, give in to your nafs.


What! Go to the mosque, the path you’ll pave?

Don’t bother, think of the gas you’ll save.


Why go the extra miles to be kind?

Don’t share that smile, they won’t mind


Listen to your parents, why should you?

You’re big enough, don’t let them tell you what to do!


Don’t look at those orphans, what could they need?

You have your own problems, and family to feed.


Wear good hijab? Oh me, Oh my, you’ll be targeted as a Muslim and put to shame.

Just wear no makeup, and dress simple and plain.


Go for Jihad? No not you.

It’s not your problem, what can you do?


Don’t worry about Jannah, your place is reserved.

I promise you’ll get all you deserve.


Preach about Islam, and be nice?

Listen to me, and take my advice!!!


Don’t fast during Ramadan, you’ll feel dead.

Don’t go for Hajj, the heat you’ll dread.


Why give charity, or feed the poor?

Don’t do it I say, They’ll just ask for more.


Don’t visit the Muslims, they’ll bite your back.

Don’t stop your work for prayer, it’s money you lack.


Then he makes you hoard your wealth.

He thinks while he talks, and laughs to himself.


You take me as your friend, and don’t give me a fight.

I’ll take you to hell to gain respite.


On the judgement day we will meet.

Allah’s plan we can not defeat.


Shaytan thinks and thinks of more to say.

Say A’ oothoo billahi, and make him run away.


Dear believer, don’t let shaytan put you to the test.

You can overcome him, just do your best.

.. May Allah Protect us all from the ways of Shaitan, and may Allah


Guide us all and re-unite us as one Ummah . . . Ameen ..

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