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Learning Arabic -- The Third Short Vowel Doubled


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( بسم الله الرحمـٰنِ الرحيم )


Learning Arabic -- The Third Short Vowel Doubled


This lesson is regarding the final vowel when it is doubled. The vowel is the kasra, known as the kasratein when doubled.


This vowel is the English equivalent of the letter 'E' and 'I' with the addition of the letter 'N'. Taking the letter 'baa' for example, and placing a kasratein beneath it will cause the letter to sound like 'bin'. Please memorize the alphabet, vowels, and the associated sounds of the combinations of the two. Also, please attempt the exercise at the bottom which will revise all that we have learned thus far.

With the kasratein we conclude the short vowels.


To listen to the letters' third short vowel doubled click on the letter in this page http://www.shariahprogram.ca/Arabic-alphabet8.shtml



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