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Words Of The Qur'an About Aging/Age.

Abu Hafsat

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As-Salaam alaikum, 

1.The older we get, the weaker our hands because Allah is educating us to let go of the love of the world (Surat Hud-11:15/16).

2. The older we get, the blurrier our eyes become because Allah is brightening the eyes of the heart to see the Hereafter (Surat Isra-17:72)

3. The older we get, the more sensitive we feel because Allah is teaching us that the relationship between the heart and the creatures is always empty, but the heart that is attached to Allah never disappoints (Surat Luqman - 31:22)

4. The older we get, the whiter our hair.. because Allah is reminding us of the white shroud (Surat Al Imran - 3:185)..


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