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Advocating for Palestine - guide to dismantling Isaeli propanganda


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Advocating for Palestine

Amidst persisting narratives and disinformation, this booklet serves as a dedicated guide to dismantling Israeli propaganda. As we feel committed to providing facts and advocating for justice, this document aims to equip readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to challenge misconceptions. This booklet outlines effective communication strategies, encouraging advocates to remain calm, factual, and persistent in pursuing justice. By dissecting key terminologies and addressing prominent claims with clear counterarguments, we aim to provide a comprehensive resource on historical events, propaganda tactics, and misconceptions for those dedicated to dismantling false narratives and fostering accurate understanding. Armed with this knowledge, we invite you to engage in conversations, challenge indoctrinated beliefs, and actively contribute to a more truthful representation of the harrowing reality faced daily by Palestinians. International Law states that the occupying power is obliged to comply with its human rights obligations in occupied territories and respect people placed under its effective control due to the occupation, including, but not limited to, the human rights granted under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


English-Advocating for Palestine v 1.0.pdf

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