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Celebrating Eid meelad-un-Nabi PBUH by taking out procession, is only a lip service?

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Celebrating Eid meelad-un-Nabi PBUH by taking out procession, is only a lip service?

By Mohammad Rafique Etesame

Every year when 12 rabi-ul-awwal comes, some Muslims celebrates Eid meelad-un-Nabi PBUH i.e. ‘Eid of birth day’ of the holy Prophet PBUH and they take out processions to the market and bazars, with music and a statue of the shrine of the holy Prophet PBUH by some processions also.

 The question is: whether all this is permissible in Islam and whether the holy Prophet PBUH and his companions and those who came after them, celebrated Eid meelad-un-Nabi PBUH? So, assuredly not, but reality is that, almost one thousand years after the passing away of the holy Prophet PBUH, we do not find such type of example in history.

In principle, this is an occasion of great happiness and good luck for every Muslim but, how to celebrate it, so scholars differ in this issue. The best way of it is, to recite Drood Sharif more and more on the holy Prophet PBUH, and to mention the good attributes of him and also to intend firmly to follow the uswai-hasana i.e. the good example of the holy Prophet PBUH.

And it can be witnesses for years that, those who celebrate Eid meelad-un-Nabi PBUH in this occasion by taken out processions, have not changed themselves according to the Islamic teachings yet. Whether it is not only a lip service?



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