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Everyone has recognized Allah Almighty in the world of spirits, and knows about his right and wrong? Part two.

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Everyone has recognized Allah Almighty in the world of spirits, and knows about his right and wrong? Part two.

Now the question is: when man become a young one, whether that covenant is fresh in his mind till now? The answer is yes, because as we see that every man has a spirit of worship and he is excited for that he should bow down before any supernatural power. Therefore, every man adopts a religion to satisfy this passion.

 Notable that whenever the ruins of an ancient civilization are discovered in any part of the world, there exists a boundary of a place of worship necessarily.

But the religion of Islam guides a man to the right way of worship i.e. to worship of Allah Almighty, a real Supernatural Power and The Creator of the universe.

Now the question is: how can man knows about the right and wrong actions by himself? So, the holy Qur’an makes mention,” And a soul and Him Who perfected it, And inspired it (with conscience of) what is wrong for it and (what is) right for it” (Surah Shams: 8).

 Also mentions, “And showed him the two ways (of good and evil)” (Surah Balad, Verses: 10).

According to the commentators, in the conscience of man there is a light or a criterion of guidance that has been granted to him to examines the facts he faces and it does not take long for him to know about them as to right and wrong or the truth and falsehood?

For example, if someone is asked about stealing, committing adultery, to kill or to hurt someone, injustice, or to be disobedience to the parents that, what type of these actions? He will immediately reply without any hesitation that, all these actions are wrong, immoral and should not be done.

 And on the other hand, if he is asked about the moral status of to worship, to help others, to get rid of a debtor's neck from debt, to obey the parents and to share in someone's pain and trouble state of affairs? So he will immediately answer that all these actions are good and should be done!

He will never say in reply that, “I don’t know what type of these actions, First I shall read my religious book or I shall ask to my religious leader, priest or a Guru, then I shall answer! Reason is that, this Devine light guides to him every time.

So, everyone should be careful about his covenant and should be ready to obey the commandments of Allah, in order to be successful one!

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