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Infidels or the Atheists will desire, would that We Were the Muslims!

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Infidels or the Atheists will desire, would that We Were the Muslims!!


By Mohammad Rafique Etesame


The holy Qur’an makes mention,” It may be that those who disbelieve, wish ardently that they were Muslims. Let them eat and enjoy life, and let them (false) hope beguile them, they will come to know”. (Al-Hajar:3)


These verses reveal that a time will come when the infidels, Atheists or the other None-Muslims will wish seriously that they were the Muslims!

 The question is: when will this time come? So according to the commentators the first occasion was that when the chieftains of the infidels of Mecca were defeated by the poor Muslims of Madinah in the battle of Badar. Then they wished if they had the Muslims, they would have not been dishonored and defeated.

 And the second occasion is that when every None-Muslim dies and sees at that time to the Angels capturing souls and tormenting, then he wishes seriously that if he were the Muslim, then he will die easily and would not be punished.

 And the third occasion was that when Mecca was conquered and the holy Prophet PBUH entered victoriously in it and the disbelievers fear what will happen to us? Would that if we were the Muslims, then will be safe and sound and will get the privileges of the Muslims.

 And the last occasion will be that when it was Day of Judgement and the Muslims will be made enter the Paradise and the infidels and the sinful Muslims will be made enter the Hellfire.

Then the infidels will make joke to the Muslims saying that “what type of benefit did you take from your Islam that you are also burning with us?”

 Then Allah will Ordains that, “Take out (of the Fire) whoever has got faith equal to a mustard seed in his heart. Then those Muslims will be brought out and be entered in Paradise and then the doors of Hell will be closed forever.

 Then the disbelievers will wish would that if we were the Muslims, we were also be safe from the Hell-fire and will be entered the Paradise.

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