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Serve the Mankind and Please Allah SWT


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Words of Praise

Serving mankind is an excellent worship. “Khairunnas Anfa’uhum Linnas” – “The best person is the who benefits all human beings”. A person is best when he becomes a means for serving mankind, and it is an excellent worship. It is not necessary that you give money or funding in charity, but charity is also to give comfort to the distressed person, to give courage to the troubled person and to conduct with love and kindness. This makes the heart big. Sometimes a person gives a lot of charity, but his behavior ruins them all. On the flip side, a person might not have anything to give, but if he gives a distressed person the gift of comforting words, he has then given him the best gift that he can ever get. You present a diamond ring to your wife, but you also say rudely to her, “Have it. Are you happy now?”, then you have ruined it. On the contrary, you may not afford getting your wife a diamond ring, but you are saying to her, “You are a diamond by yourself and why do you need a diamond??”, you then have highlighted her goodness, praised, and appreciated her. It is the greatest gift for her if you appreciate her by bringing out all her goodness with words of admiration. You give everything to your wife that you can afford, and you provide her for years but in the end, you speak so rudely to her then everything becomes null. So, it is not necessary that you give only money when you can also speak good words and behave well as these can also increase courage in a person and make him happy. The easiest formula to enter a person’s heart is to bring out his goodness with words of praise. He will have many good traits in him. Find them out and speak good about him. You will create for yourself a place of love in his heart. What do you think is the source of illegal love between couples that you see around? They have built a bridge of sweet words of praise between them. A person gives up his religion, parents, family, and he never agrees to give up his love by any means. You don’t praise where Allah SWT wants you to praise, and you show your stinginess in praising.

Be Well-Wishers of Each Other

Serving mankind is the best worship. People get benefited from the one who has means of benefit. As said, it is not necessary to have money to benefit people. Charity encompasses everything as it comes in a Hadith that showing path to someone is charity, smiling is charity and to help someone unburden his burden is charity. Charity is to do good. Just do good as charity can be through your tongue, physique, money, or any resource. It comes in a hadith, when a new Muslim gives his pledge of allegiance to the Prophet SAW, he SAW used to take three oaths from him: 1) Praying Salah 2) Giving Zakah and 3) Being a well-wisher of every single Muslim. Demonstrate well wishing to all Muslims. Let your connection with Muslims be sincere. What an emphasis! And this should be with every single Muslim. The Prophet SAW has emphasized its importance by mentioning it along with the importance given to salah and zakah. Now tell me how it would be if this develops in Muslims! If it occurs just in a house, it will become Jannat where all the members of the house are well-wishers of each other. Now imagine what will happen if this life of house sets outside the house? The selfish person has ruined this spirit. Every person is indulged in his own selfishness that only he wants to get benefited. Where there is selfishness, it is not the human that clashes with another human but their desires and motives that clash with each other. When there is a clash between the father and son, the husband and wife, it is their desires and aims that clash with each other. Say there are thousands of vehicles moving correctly on their lane, there won’t be any collision, and this is how it will be if everyone becomes a well-wisher of each other. Now what will happen if two or three vehicles leave their lane and cross others’ lane? There will be traffic jam. Today every individual’s state is like this. He has come across others lane as his desires are not fulfilled. Even though there are only two people, they clash each other. Aforetime there used to be thousands of people but there was no clash.

Find Peace in Good Company

It is a great worship if Allah SWT makes us the means of benefiting people. It is not incumbent on you to give money or charity when you don’t have but you can come across with good attitude. It is enough if you do this. You can give money or charity or any material to a person but if you consider him to be worthless, you ruined and wasted everything. Finding peace in the company and visitation of Murabbi (A pious, wise, and knowledgeable person) is a sign of compatibility and the key to prosperity. If a person goes to a gathering for his reformation and to learn deen (religion) and finds peace in doing so, then this is the sign of compatibility. Sometimes it so occurs that what is being said seems exclusive to him as he needed it. He feels that the sheikh knows all about him. One companion told me that his family asks him if he tells me everything about them as they could hear me saying related to that in my discourse.

Be Worry Proof

SubhanAllah! It is said that the one who is blessed with the wealth of complete trust and conviction in Allah SWT never gets worried. What a great saying! Waman Yatawakkal Alallah Fahuwa Hasbuhu-And whoever puts all his trust in Allah, He will be enough for him (Qur’an 65:3). The attachment with Allah SWT, contemplation, and the trust in Him SWT weakens due to the evil effects of sins. The more you have attachment with Allah SWT and trust in Him SWT, the more you will be relieved from worries. It is not that a believer will never get troubles because this is dunya (world) and not Jannah, but he will remain worry proof. This is like a waterproof watch that is thrown in a pot full of water. Though the water surrounds the watch, it cannot enter the watch. He might be surrounded by troubles from all sides, but his heart remains worry proof. He will fall sick, he will lose people, he will find unpleasant moments, but when he gets the recognition of Allah, trust, and conviction in Him SWT, he won’t become worried. Even after having complete trust and conviction in Allah SWT, if you still feel disturbed, then turn to Allah SWT in repentance and seek His forgiveness for your sins with much regret so you annul the evil effect of the sin. Our beloved Prophet SAW gave a remedy saying that Allah SWT makes a way out for the one who abundantly seeks forgiveness. Allah SWT relieves him from every single worry and He SWT fulfills his needs by means he could never imagine. We are people who make mistakes, keep making mistakes and commit sins through tongue, eyes, heart and what not. Certainly, we will get worried but the solution for this is to seek forgiveness from Allah with much regret and attention. Allah SWT will show us the way and ease the way. Above all, Allah SWT will grant us the tranquil heart and peace.

Be Mindful of Creations’ Rights

Whoever comes for their reformation, I tell them to pray salaah attentively, fast, repent more, be watchful of your eyes, be mindful of your death, ponder over death, take good care of others’ rights, don’t increase contacts unless necessary, manage to pray four units, 8 units or 12 units of Tahajjud salah (qayam-al-lyl) as much as you can and InshaaAllah, you will be well reformed, and you will receive much goodness. The creations are a family of Allah SWT. His SWT slaves are His SWT family. Misconduct with them leads to the anger of the Creator. When a creation has already right as a family of Allah SWT, his rights can further increase because of his family relationship, blood relationship, neighborhood or by any association with you. Now, when you deprive his rights and misconduct with him, tell me how angry would be the Creator? How angry would be the Magnificent Creator? Sometimes when a person doesn’t get good company, the company of pious people and doesn’t learn deen in such a company, he thinks that deen is to do with few rites and rituals. His contemplation about deen becomes very limited. He fulfills few rituals and thinks that to be piety, religiousness, and Islam in its entirety. And when he doesn’t receive the blessings of deen, he whines that he is facing such a state despite being pious when there is no sign of piety. He molded Islam by his own mold, he descended in that mold and is very complacent! Educating oneself in a pious company will at least make him realize what is piety. When there is realization, there is a hope in Allah SWT that his mistakes get rectified, he gets divine help and to the least, he will have the regret before Allah SWT and seek His SWT forgiveness. He will have the realization that he is not right. So, misconduct and misbehavior with the creation of Allah SWT leads to anger of the Creator. We emphasize more on worrying about the rights of creations to all those who come for islaah (reformation). Be mindful of rights of creations.  

Aim Only for Allah’s Pleasure

If the only one concern in a person is to please Allah SWT and if seeking pleasure of Allah is his only greatest wish and desire, then it is a sign that Allah SWT has granted him the knowledge of distinguishing right from wrong. He has indeed reached the truth. The fact is when Allah SWT becomes pleased, good-natured people automatically starts loving him. There is a kind of respect that stems from money, position, profession or holding any worldly possessions. Such a respect is temporary. You lose respect when you lose a position, and you lose contacts when you lose money. There is another kind of love and respect that comes from the heavens. When Allah SWT loves you, the angels, and the beloved people of Allah SWT on the earth love you. Even when he dies, they keep loving him. This kind of love and respect is permanent, and this is the true respect. We hear people exclaim, “What a fame and respect this man has!” and this is not really respect. The real respect is that which comes from the heavens. We see a man has fame while he was playing and once, he retires, he gets into depression and commits suicide because no one enquires him. A government officer known to me went into depression and when enquired, he said that he used to get so many invitations for banquets every week while he was working and today no one calls him. The person for whom he got a job doesn’t even greet him while passing by him. The respect that he had was for his position and rank and not for him. The love and respect that comes from Allah SWT is permanent that continues even after death. Even today when we address such people, we say, “RadhiAllahu anhum”- “May Allah be pleased with them”, “Rahmatullaahi Alaih”- “May Allah SWT shower His mercy on him”.  We make duaa till this day whenever we remember them. We never saw them or met them in our lives, but still we respect them because that respect came from the heavens. So, desiring only the pleasure of Allah SWT is conscientiousness. If one gets the divine help to be heedful of committing sins because of sins, then do not worry about any condition. You received sainthood. Just save yourself from sins. Today our society has greatly constricted the list of sins. Some have remained as sins and the rest have become part of the life. As everyone is doing, we also do. Murder, prostitution, consuming alcohol, theft are few acts that are seen as sins while the rest have become normal. So, you don’t have to worry about any condition if you get the divine help to save from sins defined by Shariah. This is a great grace from Allah SWT. May Allah SWT grant us all His grace, understanding of deen, progress in deen and steadfastness in deen. Aameen

-Maulana Abdus Sattar (hafizahullah)

Tarbiati Majlis 13/03/2022


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