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Why Hell-Fire has been created and which type of people would enter it?

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Why Hell-Fire has been created and which type of people would enter it?

By Mohammad Rafique Etesame

Some people and particularly the atheists raise objections on Hell and say that “an evil deity would make hell, just to torture everyone since the deity is so evil.”

 So the question is: why Hell and Paradise have been created? According to the teaching of Islam, they are created in order to righteous ones should made enter Paradise and the sinful ones into Hell. But the question arises that what are the evil and good and why people commit sins? So, everyone knows better about their definition whether he is a Muslim, atheists, Buddhist or relating to any other religion.

 Because God has inspired this knowledge into every man’s conscience and he knows well about them without reading to any holy book. For example, every one say that committing adultery, killing others, stealing and suppressing other's rights etc., are bad actions and not good.

And on the other hand everyone knows that worshiping God (or gods according to None-Muslims), or to be obedience to parents, or to help the poor, are good actions and not bad.

Yet, why some people commit adultery, kill others and do other bad action knowingly?

Because they are into the clutches of Satan Iblis and follow his directions, and everyone is trapped in his deception and none can escape from Satan’s tricks but only those who seek Allah’s refuge.

 Because Satan has sworn that he will send everyone to hell. So going to Hell, is due to following Satan’ tricks and not by Allah’s will. Because He wants to save mankind form Hell-fire and make them enter Paradise. So everyone and particular the Atheists should

escape themselves from the clutches of Satan if they can; because this is not so easy and also stop themselves from criticizing on True God.

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