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The Truth and Falsehood…..5

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The Truth and Falsehood…..5


By Mohammad Rafique Etesame

"The truth does not bow but makes the falsehood bow down"

The holy Qur’an reveals, “We created not the heaven and the earth and all that is between them in play. If We had wished to find a pastime, We could have found it in Our presence-----if We ever did."

There are four things that are known by these verses as:This universe has not been created mere as play but there is a special purpose behind it i.e. to worship Allah Almighty.

The war between the truth and falsehood is going on since the creation of the universe.

Allah Almighty hurl the truth over falsehood and it vanishes and the truth becomes ever victorious.

We can see this reality in the time of the past holy Prophets PBUT that when they invited their ummah to accept the religion of Islam, most of them tried to stop the invitation and ill-treated and harassed to the holy Prophet PBUT instead.

But by the Divine help, the truth became victorious and made the falsehood bow down.


In the time of the last holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH, when he began to invite the people to accept the religion of Islam in Mecca, the infidels thought that,” this is a timely invitation made by a man who is an orphan and had no male offspring, and the invitation would reach to its end soon after the passing away of this man.”


But when they noticed that Islam was spreading fast to everywhere and also when they were defeated in many holy wars (ghazwats) i.e. ghazwae badar,uhad khandaq etc., then they thought that, “this thing was not going to stop then.”

And at last, after passing some time, the holy Prophet PBUH entered the Mecca city victoriously along with his ten thousand companions (peace and mercy of Allah by upon them).

At that time 360 idols were placed on the roof of Ka’ba sharif and the holy prophet PBUH made them fall down by a stick one by one reciting this verse,” And say: truth has come and falsehood vanishes away. Lo! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish” (Al-Isra :81).


After that the world witnessed that Islam overtook the two super powers ‘’ Qaisar o

Hinduism, Buddhism or between Kisra” (The Rome and the Iranian governments) and caused them bow down before Islam.

Even now we see that where there are holy wars are going on against Islam, or any debate is set up between Islam and Christianity, another religion, Islam ever remains victorious.












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