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The Truth and falsehood--4

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The Truth and falsehood--4

 “The Truth is needless and selfless.”

The holy Qur’an makes mention,” Say: He is Allah, the One! ﴾1﴿ Allah, the eternally Besought of all! ﴾2﴿ He begetteth not nor was begotten. ﴾3﴿ And there is none comparable unto Him (Surah Ikhlas).

(Translated by Mohammad Marmaduke Pickthall)


From this Surah, the glory and Highness of Allah Almighty is shown that He is the Selfless as He does not need anything from the creatures nor does He need any help or advice in carrying out His work and He is from Himself and is Self-Sustaining and the Omnipotent.



If all the people of the world become extremely virtuous and of high character, then the kingdom, honor and glory of Allah (SWT) cannot be exceeded in the slightest.

And on the other hand, if all the people become extremely sinful and disobedient ones, then His monarchy and glory cannot  

 be diminished in the slightest.

 Worship, humility and need are for man's own benefits and survival. The Almighty has no interest in it because Angels are enough for his worship.



And Allah Almighty has bestowed some Muslims by this attribute. And it can be seen in a man who earns halal money, offers prayers for five times daily, does not violate his rights and duties, and a contented one who does not ask for anything from others but in serious need.

And in order to civilize the human soul and to make it obedient to Allah and His messenger PBUH,

Some elders of the religion and shaykhs have suggested to adopt four good actions to their followers as: -

Taking less food.

 Reduction of manam (less sleep).

 Reduction of speaking.

 Reduction of meeting with people.

All these fair qualities are proved by Islamic teachings but everything should be done in moderation and avoiding from excess and deficiency.



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