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The Truth does not hide but appears at any rate

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Truth and Falsehood---2

The Truth does not hide but appears at any rate


By Muhammad Rafiq Etesame


Truth means justice, wisdom, absolutely real thing, Quran, and The Truth is also a name of Allah Almighty.


In this article, truth refers to such specific actions that a man does them secretly, and he wants to hide them, but does not; and they keep appearing. Because The Truth does not hide at all but appears at any rate.


For example, if a man is something else inwardly and something else outwardly, then what is he hiding inwardly remains visible, even if so many attempts are made to hide it. His manner of speaking and body language gossip about what is being hidden, and the viewers understand that something is fishy because the face of man tells much and his eyes are windows of the soul.


 If a man has the secret relationship with other, then when they come face to face with each other, then the way of talking and looking to each other, immediately indicates that there is something between the two.


Generally, when someone has a secret relationship with other, then the viewers first make guess at what is going on between the two, and then they pay special attention to them and secretly monitor, and finally the secret is unveiled and they are caught by red handed.


This is reality that man has many aspects, he is both a king and a pauper, also a polytheist, a tyrant, a sinner, a God fearing, a sincere and a hypocrite etc.


The question is, if a man wronged to others, or suppressed other’s rights or on the other way, he did good to someone, helped him/her, or worshiped of Allah Almighty and put his soul in hardship. Whether all these actions will go in vein or get reward?


Or those who are oppressed and their cry is not heard and they get not justice, or those who fight in the cause of Allah and become martyred, and those who put their souls to hardship in the cause of Allah, will they be rewarded to their deeds or not?


According to the Shari'ah, every action has its reaction and every deed has its reward.


God will decide with justice to all and no one will be wronged at the Day of Judgment as the holy Quran reveals, “Whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it, and whoever has an atom's weight of evil will see it” (Al-Zalzal: 1).

Therefore, if the tyrants think that they will be set free at that Day, they live in the foolish paradise.

Because the Truth does not hide at all but appears at any rate.

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