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How to recognize the Truth and falsehood?

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How to recognize the Truth and falsehood?

Mohammad Rafique Etesame


Truth and falsehood are the words that are used often in our routine life. For example, someone says, “this judge has decided with truth, and this man follows the truth and rejects falsehood, or every one like the truth and hates to falsehood etc.”

The earth is in fact a battle field between the truth and falsehood, where the truth always wins and falsehood is defeated, but sometimes falsehood seems to overcome temporary but truth wins at last.

The question is, what is the definition of truth and falsehood according to the Shriah point of view?

Truth means justice, wisdom, absolutely real thing, Quran, and Truth is also a name of Allah Almighty. While the falsehood means Satan Iblis, his offspring and Nafse- ammara.

Then how can truth and falsehood be recognized?

 So they are known by action, when someone intends to follow the truth and then, falsehood starts to resist and tries its best to stop man to do so.

 And particularly the issue of religion is worth considering in this regard. Because no one does accept a new religion or convert to a new one so easily, despite he is given many arguments in this respet.

For example, if a Muslim invites to someone who belongs to Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and or to any other religion to accept Islam and says to him, "Brother, please accept Islam, because this is the religion of the holy Prophets (peace be upon them), and it gives guarantee of success both in this world and also in the hereafter?

But this man will never reply as, "Ok brother! This is no matter, I leave my native religion now and convert to Islam.

And before, I used to go to my place of worship and recite my religious books, but now I will go to the mosque and learn to recite the holy Qur'an, what difference does it make?”

But this does not happen so, but immediately Satan whispers to him, “brother why did not your ancestors accept this new religion and disliked it why? So please stick to your own religion and don’t listen to them.”

And for centuries it has been the case that whenever a prophet PBUH was sent to a nation and he invited the people to oneness of God, then most of the people denied him and his teachings and said that the religion of our forefathers is sufficient for us.

As it is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an,” for when they are told, 'Come unto that which God has bestowed from on high, and unto the Apostle’ they answer, 'Enough for us is that which we found our forefathers believing in and doing.' Why, even though their forefathers knew nothing, and were devoid of all guidance? (Al-Ma'idah  5:104).

The truth (Islam) is as clear as the broad day light, but most people deny it regarding to accept its belief and practice.

 Example of the denial of the belief has been mentioned, now the denial of the truth of Islam regarding to act upon its teachings is mentioned here.

Allah Almighty says in the holy Qur’an, "Establish worship, pay the poor due, and bow down with those who bow (in worship)." (Al-Baqara 2:43).

 But the question is: how many Muslims establish worship for five times daily, and how many people pay the poor-due and fast in the month of Ramadan regularly, and to act upon other Islamic teachings?

 It does not mean that they are not the Muslims but sinful ones. They recognize the truth but don’t act upon it due to misleading of Satan, and this is denial of the truth practically.

 So, it is necessary to everyone to recognize and follow the Truth in order to be successful in this life and also in the Hereafter.

The holy Qur’an makes mention, “Say (O Mohammad PBUH) O mankind! Now has the Truth from your Lord come unto you. So whosoever is guided, is guided only for (the good of) his soul, and whosoever errs, errs only against it. And I am not a warder over you.”



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