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How to become a ‘soldier’ to save Eman and to fight with Devil?

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How to become a ‘soldier’ to save Eman and to fight with Devil?

By Mohammad Rafique Etesame

The holy messenger of Allah, may peace and mercy of Allah be upon him, he said, “shall I tell you that by which Allah Almighty removes the sins of believers and raises their ranks? They said of course, ya Rasoolullah PBUH, he replied that making ablution in the time of difficulty and taking more steps to the masjid and waiting for a salat after a salat, this is ribat (Jami` at-Tirmidhi 51).

This hadith reveals about three good actions by which Allah Almighty remover the sins

of a faithful believers and raises their ranks.

 These are three good actions, first is: to make ablution


in difficulty, for example the believer is sick and he cannot use water properly, and second is that it is hot or cold season and it is hard to make ablution by this water. But this believer makes ablution and goes to masjid to offer salat but he takes more steps (by taking small steps) so that it might be written in the Book of record that when this believer went to masjid he took more steps.

 And third is that when this believer offered timely salat then he waits for another salat. It does not mean that this believer remains sitting in the mosques waiting for salat, but he comes out of the masjid and gets busy in his routine work. But he pays heed to the mosque to hear the call of next azan to offer salat.

So, this is rabat and it is used in different meanings but here means a soldier that remains alert on the boundary of his country lest the enemy should attack on the country.

 So, when a faithful believer makes ablution in difficulty and then goes to mosque and waits for another salat, then he is like a soldier that guards his Eman against the tacts of Shaitan and the inordinate soul (nafse ammarah).

 So, it is necessary to every faithful believer that he should abide by these good actions i.e. to make ablution and to offer salat and wait another salat so that Allah Almighty may forgive him his sins and raises his ranks and enter Paradise, ameen.

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