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A Particular ‘River’ for Cleansing the Sins of Faithful Believers

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A Particular ‘River’ for Cleansing the Sins of Faithful Believers



By Mohammad Rafique Etesame


Abu Huraira reported God’s Messenger as saying, “The five [daily] prayers, Friday to Friday and Ramadan to Ramadan make atonement for what has happened since the previous one when major sins have been avoided.”


He also reported God’s Messenger as saying, “Tell me, if there were a river at the door of one of you in which he washed five times daily, would any of his filthiness remain?” When he received the reply that none of it would remain, he said, “That is like the five times of prayer by which God obliterates sins” (Al.Mishkat ul Masabih).


This hadith reveals that if a faithful believer offers fajar prayer and then go to his daily work, and at the time of zuhar prayer he offers it, then Allah Almighty forgives his minor sins committed during the time of these two prayers.


This routine applies to other prayers and also in the juma prayer and in the fasting of Ramdan.


Look at the unlimited mercy of Allah Almighty that He forgives the sins of the believers by offering prayers, fasting of Ramadan and by other good actions


It is notable that, the major sins i.e. ‘kabira gunah’ like ascribing partner (committing shirk) to Allah Almighty, disobedience of parents and to bear false witness etc. They are not forgiven at all unless by repenting to Allah Almighty.


And a particular “river” has also been mentioned in this hadith for cleansing the filthiness of the sins. It means if someone takes bath in this river for five times daily, then he will be pure and clean from it. And this river is ‘salah’ that cleans the filthiness of sins of those who offer it.

May Allah Almighty give us power to act upon this hadith, Amin.















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