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Free Association& Prayer - a practice in Psychoanalytic Therapy


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In therapy we use a technique called free association, a practice in psychoanalytic therapy, which is to let the client share thoughts, words, and anything else that comes to the mind freely.
Now, the benefit of this is to help clients understand what they really think and feel about themselves, others, and the situations they are experiencing versus what they tell themselves they think and feel, in an atmosphere of non-judgmental curiosity and acceptance. A powerful experience!
Now, I've been thinking about the concept of 'Dua' in our beautiful religion, and how similar it is to free association in psychoanalytic therapy.
When we make dua to Allah; with our hearts, we are talking to Allah about our thoughts, worries and stressors.
When talking to him we are our authentic selves, not the self we show to the world but our true self. We talk to him about our mistakes, insecurities, challenges and things that we find difficult to even speak about with others.
We feel safe, held, accepted in a non-judgmental environment. We understand our problems better and feel at peace. How content and relieved do we feel after we talk to Allah with our hearts! A sense of healing! We are instilled with hope, strength and courage. Alhamdulillah
This is the beauty of Dua. He listens and responds beautifully, in ways we just haven't really understood. Subhanallah!
"And your Lord says, “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” 
(Surat Ghafir: 60)
Taken from Quotes from Therapy on Instagram
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