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The right woman is a blessing.


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The right woman is a blessing from Allah. If you have a woman by your side, who makes you feel at ease, a woman who you feel at peace with. When you look at her you feel love and mercy in your heart. She defends your honor and you defend hers. She fears her Creator and you fear Him. She cares about your rights and you care about hers. If you love each other for the sake of Allah, if you care about each others akhira and do everything to make each other better. If you got this.. You are richer than most people. I often talk about love because i really believe that a strong and peaceful household, built out of love of Allah, fearing Allah is the solution to a lot of problems we have these days. Thats what makes this ummah strong. A strong household makes you strong as a individual. Especially as a man, the best thing you can give a woman, your family is knowledge. Invest in each other, and each others akhira. A motivation for me to gain knowledge is so im able to teach my family. Alhamdulillah.. may Allah grant us a household in which we feel at peace and ease. A household that has ghair and barakah in it. A woman that has your back, and does whatever she can to make you happy. A household built out of Love for Allah. A household in which knowledge is spread. (Im not trying to romanticize anything but honestly, love and mercy between a husband and wife are signs from Allah. When the love fades away, there will still be mercy, and in sha Allah love comes back). A good woman can make a man feel like a king. A good household is your Jannah on earth. But it requires hard work, commitment and patience.

Bradley Morrell

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