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As-Salaam alaikum,

The other day, I found a wonderful piece of soothing entry in a book titled: 'The Drowned Book'--Ecstatic and Earthly Reflections of Bah'uddin, father of the celebrated, Poet, Jalaluddin Rumi. That is where he said/wrote:--

        "This is how Allah talked to the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam), saying,

        "We have given you victory" (48:1)

      "We have sent down to you a Book" (4:105)

    "Have We not expanded your heart" (94:1)

 They spoke like friends. Has anyone else had such an experience? And since the Divine Mystery is part of everything and everyone, must there not be such nearness inside everyone?

An answer came to this wondering argument. There are ways unique to each soul. One gets handed pain, another love, another lust. One must go through terrible punishments, another extensive comforting... but the way of Allah with Prophets is on another level, where miracles, grace and visions of the unseen world come.

Aspire to that plane, otherwise you will continue to speak with Allah about heat and cold, food, livelihood, sleep, waking and the various human theories about mystery.

My prayer is...when I am alone with You, let me feel the pleasure of a surrendered Love. Give me the oneness as I sit by myself beyond the satisfaction of any desire".

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