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The Best Sale in the Universe is on Now!


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The Best Sale in the Universe is on Now!

This is it. The best sale in the Universe is on NOW but it only lasts for 30 days each year so grab what you can now before it is too late!!!

It is a forgiveness and good deed free for all like at no other time of the year!!!

Opportunity of a lifetime!

Imagine you were given an opportunity to go through a huge Supermarket and everything in store was 70% or more off. People would go crazy at such an amazing opportunity to grab the cheapest goods at ridiculous prices. 

This same sort of analogy applies to the blessed month of Ramadan but this sale is far better than any other and there are far more generous rewards up for grabs not only for the benefit of this world but most of all that which wiull benefit us for the rest of eternity. 

This is an opportunity to gain a lifetimes of forgiveness, immense rewards for even the smallest of deeds and Allah has made it easier for us to do good deeds in this blessed month!

So we have a once in a year opportunity for just 30 days to grab as much forgiveness and immense rewards as possible aswell as freedom from the fire, entry into Jannah and best of all an opportunity to please Allah and get closer to him.  

Reward of 1000 months (83 years) and entire lifetime forgiveness in one night:

There is a night in the last 10 nights of Ramadan where we have the opportunity to grab 83 years of worship reward and an entire lifetime of sins in just one night. It is none other than in the night of power (Laylatul Qadr).

Summary of the special offers available in this blessed month only:

Forgiveness for an entire lifetime of sins

An opportunity to please Allah and get closer to him

An opportunity to do more good deeds more so than in any other month

EVERY Nawafil (Voluntary) prayer rewarded like a Fard (obligatory) prayer!!!

Every Fard prayer rewarded like 70 fard prayers!!!

Every letter of the Qur'an rewarded a minimum of 700 good deeds and double for those who struggle reciting who get minimum of 1400 for each letter!!!

These are just minimum as EVERY good deed could be multiplied from 70 to 700 or more! Allah is most generous!!!

Act fast as the sale ends soon!

So come on what are you waiting for? GRAB as much forgiveness and as many good deeds as you can before its too late. This may be our last chance ever to have such an amazing opportunity as we may not be alive to see next Ramadan just as many others who thought they would be alive this Ramadan were taken by death.  

Surely on the day of judgement we will BEG each other for just one good deed but we will not be able to obtain any because we will all be in need on that day. So grab what you can now before its too late!!! 

Offer ends very shortly at the end of Ramadan!

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