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Repentance Poem

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Repentance Poem

Fast cars, games and music and all frivolous delights

Movies and drugs, and partying through the nights

Slave to his desires, was this youth who had lost sight

That the time granted to him, was only to set things aright


Alternation of the seasons, brought him no change

No kneeling, no prostrations, no tears nor amends

No care for his family, no charity for the poor

Not once did he find himself enter the Masjid door


Then a day had arrived that he never contemplated

The one to be his last, whilst he lay intoxicated

With a jolt he became alert and was now wide awake

Realising now that repentance was only just too late!


So the stupor of death struck, as his life approached its end

Frantically he wondered how he could make all amends

Alas, that ship has sailed, as his soul exits sinew and nerve

Like wool pulled out of thorns, not an inch could he preserve


The heavens do not want him, neither the grave that he is plunged in

Nor can he answer the questions of the angels present therein

Thus, narrow and constricted, remains his pitch black abode

In pain and torments he tarries till the end of the road


Now Judgement Day has come, as if intoxicated though he is not

Walking upon his face he assembles whilst scorched and hot

Begging for return, he wants to ransom the world

To escape the destined inferno from whence is no return


On the edge of the fire, he remembers his days

What he would do for a chance to have mended his ways

To have prayed a sincere prayer and wept over his sins

To have thanked His Creator from his soul deep within


To have taken a path in the footsteps of the Messenger

Muhammad peace be upon him, the beloved slave of Allah

To have learnt the language of the residents of Jannah

What he would not do, in order to therein now enter


Regret beyond belief, is his state on this Day

Would that he had taken with the Messenger a way

Alas, his fate has sealed him as he begins his grievous descent

Into an abyss of doom and misery with no hope of future ascent


So be not like him fellow brethren, when a chance yet remains

Turn now, repent, and worship, and make all future amends

Let not the time come when you are jolted alert and awake

That you find yourself to be only just too late!



As-Suffa Student

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