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One of the greatest blessings that has been given to the Muslims is the blessing of Emaan. Allah created human beings and revealed His message of Islam on us through Prophets and His books, and the revelation done of the Prophets was by the angels. People who not only believe in the teachings of Islam, but also act upon on those teachings in their life, lead a happy and prosperous life. The Emaan of a Muslim can be either strong or weak, depending on his love and trust on Allah Almighty. If a person has a strong trust on the blessings of Allah Almighty, he will surely have a strong faith in Him. On the other hand, if a person does not feel that he has a strong connection of heart with his Lord, then obviously he will have a weak faith or Emaan in Allah Almighty.


There are many sanctifications of Emaan which a person can have. A good and strong Emaan will always help you in leading a healthy and spiritual lifestyle. Emaan in Allah can be shown through various ways. You can offer prayers five time’s day. Keeping the thirty fasts of Ramadan or the extra fasts, or giving Zakat and charity also shows your strong faith in Allah. Moreover, when you perform Umrah by ........... it shows how much you rely on the blessings of Allah Almighty and how much you love your Lord who created you from mud, and instilled all the necessary organs in you. As Muslims, it is our duty to fulfill the commands of our Lord in the best way ever. We should follow all the rules and principles of Islam because they are made for our own betterment. 


Moreover we should also be kind with the creations of Allah Almighty because those who are nice with Allah’s creations, are also treated nicely in return. Having a good and strong faith in Allah does not mean that you only show your love through worships. You should also fulfill the rights of other human beings so that the essence of Islam can be prevailed all over the world. May Allah grant us the ability to be nice with each fellow human being and the ability to perform all the obligations of Islam which are commanded by Allah Almighty. 


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