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Importance of Learning

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Importance of Learning

By Hadrat Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh


We must ingrain two concepts into our minds. Firstly, to continuously acquire knowledge and, secondly, to practice what we learn. Any deed performed without correct knowledge is not fruitful. Take the case of Takbīr Tahrīmah at the beginning of Salāh. A person says ‘Allāhu Akbar’ and raises his hands and another merely raises his hands. Both have exerted the same effort, both have left their homes to come to the masjid in the cold, both have performed wudū, both stood in the rows, performed rukū’ and sajdah, and spent half an hour of their time but the Salāh of one is complete and acceptable whereas that of the other is not. One had correct, authentic knowledge, that Takbīr Tahrīmah is compulsory and Salāh is not complete without it, and the other did not.


On the theme of Takbīr Tahrīmah, it is astonishing to find how many worshippers do not possess proper knowledge regarding this. Perhaps after reflection, we may come to the conclusion that we ourselves are also offering Salāh without saying Takbīr Tahrīmah! Without realising it many people fall into the habit of merely lifting their hands without ‘saying’ the Takbīr. 


Another mistake committed by many is the omission of Qirā’ah in their Salāh. They read the Qur’ān in their minds. This is not Qirā’ah. In Arabic, Qirā’ah does not refer to reading within the mind, but involves movement of the lips and tongue to such an extent that one should hear his own voice and practically sense what he is saying. Thus ‘Qirā’ah’ is not to be performed in the way we read a newspaper, in our minds only. In such cases the absence of knowledge leads to a deficient and invalid Salāh.


Therefore two things are required, acquisition of authentic knowledge and bringing this knowledge into practice. Only then will vitality come into our deeds.


This is an extract from the booklet ‘Learning abou Islām - A Pressing Need of Our Times’ published by the Islāmic Da'wah Academy.

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