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Effects of Dhikr

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Assalamu Alaykum,


I heard a scholar say that we shouldn't do Zikr randomly, e.g. we shouldn't recite Durood or Ayaats with Jalali kalimaat without getting a guidance on how many times these are to be recited, random recitation may have bad effect on our health and daily routing life, a person might get ill by reciting Jalali Kalimat without consult and heavy kalimaat shouldn't be recited excessively - Isn't excessive Zikr is a good thing, then why is there such a restriction? Why would any Zikr that have sacred words can have adverse effects? Please clarify InshaAllah.


Jazakallahu khairan



Answered by Mufti A.S Desai:


Qur’aanic and Sunnah Thikr is never harmful. Non-Sunnah forms of thikr prescribed by the Mashaa-ikh for treating spiritual conditions and spiritual  ailments can be harmful if practised excessively.

Such prescribed forms of thikr should not be undertaken without the guidance of a qualified Shaikh.


Permanent Thikr is commanded by the Qur’aan and Ahaadith. That is, while walking, sitting, working and in all states, keep the tongue fresh with Allah’s Name – any Name, especially the Kalimah, La ilaha

il lal laah. Durood, Istighfaar, Tasbeeh and the first Kalimah should be recited abundantly. However, recite these without the non-Sunnah methods, e.g. shaking the head or heavy breathing when making thikr.




Answered by Mufti Ismail Moosa:




Basically, to do any Dhikr in moderation is fine. Moderation would mean: the amount of times mentioned in the Ahadith. For example, there is mention about 100 times Istighfaar, 100 times reciting the first Kalimah etc. So if anyone recites these, there will not be any problem.


However, to the Kalimah 75 000 times daily etc could affect a person. The problem is not with the Kalimah, rather it is due to out weakness. Just as Allah mentions: "Inna aradhnal amaanata alas samaai...." and "Lo anzalna hadhal Quraana...". Thus, for those excessive amounts, a person should get guidance and how to start gradually to reach such large amounts.


If they are not very excessive, they won't have adverse effects.


Some Mashaikh give numbers just so that you can do it in an orderly manner, doing the same amount everyday. Otherwise, one day a person will do 70 000, next day 1000, next day 25 000 etc. There is no problem in fixing a number. Just like how some Ulama specify the amount of Quraan they read, some specify the amount of Rakats etc.


And Allah knows best.

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