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British Elections 2015 for Muslims in a nutshell

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It is not for us to advise you as to which party you should vote for! However, with the best interest of Islam and Muslims at heart we say that there is a lot at stake for you, your family and friends in the upcoming British elections. Your Mosque and its Parking, the education of your children at School (Islamic, public or private), funding for exclusive (women only) programs for your mothers, sisters and daughters) or how you get treated by your local Doctor or NHS Hospital is all at stake.

It’s your choice should you chose to ignore all of the above OR try to prevent the next Islamophobe from holding your community hostage.

We realise that Muslims face a diverse situation and multitude of options therefore this article is broken down into 4 constituent parts as we explore the various opinions held by Muslims with regards to voting as follows:

  1. Is voting really Haram?
  2. How to choose one of the big Parties as a Muslim?
  3. What is tactical voting and should you vote Tactically?
  4. The futility of democratic elections should you chose not to vote at all!

Read full article here

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