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Advices to Workers in the Efforts of Deen


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Bismihi Ta'ala
Sometimes, there are many  fruit on one branch, while on other branches of the tree, there are very few fruit. Have you not seen such a thing?
There are some guava or mango trees where some of the branches are laden with fruit, while other branches are barren, due to the sun not shining on that part of the tree.
In the same way, it depends on which branch of Deen, Ikhlaas is directed on. That branch will bear the most fruit, where the Khidmat is accompanied with Ikhlaas.
Sometimes, there are lots of branches on a tree. In the same way, there can be lots of Madaaris, Makaatib[1] or Muballigheen[2] but this quantity does not affect the quality of the fruit. The quality depends on the level of Ikhlaas.
A person who is out in Jamaat and he has Ikhlaas, will bear sweet fruit – in his efforts. The people who then join that Jamaat will be attracted towards the person, and will change their lives, Insha-Allah.
The Sweetness of Ikhlaas
The same effect is found in other works of Deen. We often find a branch with fruit which is extremely sour. You will find on a grapevine that some bunches of grapes are sweet while others are sour. So in Deen also, the sweet “grapes” will be found on the branch which was touched by the “sunlight” of Ikhlaas. This is what we need to become: like sweet grapes. This is attained by adopting Ikhlaas....

[1] Makaatib: Primary level madrasahs
[2] Muballigheen: Those who propagate and preach Islam
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