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Masnoon Duaas


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Bismihi Ta'ala
"Dua is a great gift that Allah (Jalla Jalaaluhu) has given us.
We know that even the dearest person – whether a father, husband, or whoever else, can say, “…ask what you want and I will fulfil your request.” …But how much can they give ?
Even if they are really sincere, their resources will be depleted at some stage. No person in this world has unlimited resources. It is only Allah Ta’ala Who has unlimited resources and treasures.
Moreover, no matter how much of love a person has, the kindness or assistance may extend a few times, with happiness. If more requests are made, then excuses are presented or apologies tended, declining to assist.
With Allah Ta’ala, it is very different. Allah Ta’ala loves that we ask and that we keep on asking. And He gives and He keeps on giving.
Allah Ta’ala has commanded us to ask of Him. And He has promised in advance that He will accept our Duas. It is only for us to ask of Him.”
Read the book here


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