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Boko Haram - Devilish Actions

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Boko Haram – Devilish Actions


The Jamiatul Ulama (Council of Muslim Theologians) KZN categorically condemns the senseless and horrific abduction of several hundred Nigerian schoolgirls - both Christian and Muslim - by the armed terror group Boko Haram. Their activities have been condemned by Nigeria's Muslim communities themselves who, in turn, have been the target of this group. Boko Haram’s actions are in direct conflict with Islamic teachings and basic human rights. Forcing girls who are not Muslim to don the Islamic garb and pray as Muslims do, opposes the directive of the Holy Quran which clearly states: “Let there be no compulsion in faith.” (Quran Ch.2; V. 256). Their actions are therefore born of a mental illness or they are serving an ulterior political agenda. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has emphatically stated, “He who is not merciful to mankind will receive no mercy from the Almighty.”


We urge the authorities in Nigeria to do everything within their power to return the girls to their families and administer justice to the perpetrators of this evil crime. Furthermore, we urge a complete investigation into revealing who these Boko Haram devils masquerading as Muslims really are.


Moulana Rafiek Mohamed


Jamiatul Ulama KZN


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they are not muslims ...muslims gives repsect muslim is religion of peace


I do not think we as laypersons should label anyone as non-Muslims. The article condemns the group's actions and the actions are definietely against Islamic teachings however the Jamiat does not label them as non-Muslims

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