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Muslim Children In Nativity Play At School

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An important subject posted Here



Brother Hamza Patterson wrote:


'Alhamdullillaah i managed to remove my children from the christmas play. Apparently this has been a first since the school opened and shockingly there is a ratio of at least 50% Muslims there. However this awakened the other parents and now majority of them have withdrawn their children from the christmas play.

Unsurprisingly this has irritated the school. They tried to be difficult and requested every parent to write a letter and explain the reason. However we all made one unified letter for the parents and they had to accept. They may not like it but they will respect it.

We need more of this type of unity instead of pity debates on or offline



Here is the letter that was submitted on behalf of the Muslim parents;

"Dear ________,
This is a polite notification that I am withdrawing my Child's participation in the Christmas nativity play as this goes against Islamic creed. As Muslims we believe that Jesus is a Prophet and not the son of God. In Islamic ethos, participation in any activity that contradicts this is not legal in our religion.

We understand and acknowledge multiculturalism, hence why we encourage our children to learn diverse beliefs and to respect them. Not only does our religion encourage this, we find this extremely vital as we live in a society of various races and backgrounds. However, as mentioned before, participation in another religious celebration is not permitted for us.

We have noticed some teachers delete scenes from the role play in order to be hospitable to us. We truly appreciate and value your effort towards this; however this is something we still feel uncomfortable about. It would be better for the school not to compromise the nativity play and for us not to compromise our faith.
We hope we have made this clear for you.

If you have any concerns or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,"
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